Customer comments

I don’t make these concertinas for the nice comments people send.  I make them to try to ensure their owners have an experience worthy of such comments.  Needless to say, they are still music to my ears.

"The concertina arrived safely yesterday. I went down to Mt. Vernon last night to pick it up. It's lovely - very pretty! I can see how much craftsmanship has gone into it. I love the tone already and I especially like the handles - they fit my palms perfectly. Good call on that one. Maybe it's because it's new and everything is still a little tight, but my ornaments were coming out nice and crisp. I'm really going to enjoy playing it - I can tell already. My friend mentioned how she liked the brightness of it on the lower register (she finds the low notes on my Suttner a bit aggressive)."

"Dana, The concertina just arrived (4:15PM Wednesday) and it is absolutely gorgeous!!! Man what a nice job you have done here. Sounds wonderful. I love it, love it, love it! Thank you for creating this.”

"My Concertina arrived today  little after 1:00PM.  I opened up the box when I got home from work, and everything looked okay, so I took it out of the case and played it all afternoon.  It only took it a couple of minutes to "wake up"... really it was ME waking up.  Wow! It's  very nice!  Everything is better spaced for my hands than my other box, and of course it plays superbly."

“Dana,  I can tell this is the start of a long love affair (with my new concertina).  Thank you for making such a beautiful instrument.  I spent a couple hours with it last night though that was mostly at band practice.  Needless to say, there's no comparison with the Mayfair (and you can quote me on that, ha ha).  For some reason, and this is true, I thought that I would immediately become a much better player as soon as I put my hands on it.  I can already see that I still have to practice-- a lot.  Oh, well. It will be so much more pleasurable.  It plays and sounds so much better than the old one that I can barely believe they're the same animals.”

"Dana, UPS delivered the box today and I wanted to let you know that it arrived safely and how pleased I am with this instrument.  The fit was exactly right--right out of the case.  The hand rests are very comfortable and set my fingers right where I want them.  The fit and finish are excellent.  I think the dymondwood has a nice luster to it and with the joined corners creates a very attractive case.  The response feels very quick (to me) and doesn't always require a lot of pressure to sound the note.  I particularly like the sound of the lower notes on the left hand side. They have a nice pure sound and don't woof and rattle--very, very nice. I was expecting that it might sound a little harsh initially but I don't find it that way at all.  I know that a couple of years down the road, as I get it played in, this guy is going to sound fantastic. I'm glad I waited for this one--thanks for building it.  You'll see #45 in a year for a tune-up.  Thanks again!”

"Thank you so much! Katie does love her new concertina and we really appreciate all your detailed instructions and the instrument kit.”

"Hi Dana,   No. 57 arrived today safe and sound--and what sound! Words fail me, so I'll just have to say that I am beyond thrilled and leave it at that. I look forward to many, many years with the instrument, and I thank you for creating it. Now back to playing!” 

"Hello Dana,  I wanted to let you know that concertina 64 arrived safely yesterday afternoon.  I had it unpacked before I had my coat off last night.  I played with it a bit before work this morning and so far I'm pleased.  It looks handsome, and the tone is satisfyingly traditional.  My husband commented that it was more mellow than the other concertina I've played; I might call it a richer sound.  I appreciate how tight it is.  There are passages on the push that I would run out of air and have to resort to some awkward fingerings that I can now play straight through.  That was a surprise and should help me play smoother.  The thoughtfulness and craftsmanship that has gone into the concertina is really impressive and I feel fortunate to have it.  Thank you."

"I've really been enjoying my Kensington, even with the cramped hand position. (This was purchased used, from the original buyer.  This owner now has the proper size hand rest )  My dancers told me that it was much brighter and louder than the ******, and for the tunes where i play in a harmonic style with big left hand chords, they could really still hear the treble side clearly, which wasn't the case before.  I took it to a session on Sunday and let a concertina connoisseur try it out.  He is a fine player, and has several vintage Wheatstones and Jeffries and a recently acquired Dipper.  He was extremely impressed with the action and the tone!"

"I am now the proud owner of a Kensington. I am loving it. It is different enough from the Carroll to give me a distinctly voiced new instrument. It has a very different tone and dynamic range.  Bellows are getting a work out and the reeds are too. I am looking forwardto having class with it on Wednesday. You are right, a super keeper!  Thank you!”

"Hi Dana  It's arrived safe and sound.  You are a gem - it is beautifully made - a little work of art.  First impressions:  Very easy to play and very responsive.  Compared to my old instrument the sound is very precise and clear.  There are no mechanical sounds from the buttons and the extra bellow fold (my old one has 5) and no leakage which means I can hold a lot more air.  Importantly, it is much easier to steal air while playing because of the precision.  It is better in every way to be honest.  I like the roundness of the toneand that it can be played quietly behind a singer.  My old one's sound failed at low volume. All these things are new to me because I've never played a good instrument, before owning the old one.  It's going to grow and grow on me and I'm so proud to own it.  I wish I could shake your hand."